Replica Rolex Daytona series panda fake watch evaluation

To mention replica Rolex, it can be said that this is a brand that no one knows no one knows, and is deeply loved by the majority of watch fans in China. In recent years, Rolex has always been the focus of attention in the country. Today's evaluation protagonist is the replica Rolex Dynaton ceramics model, which is known as the Panda. This is the complicated replica Rolex of the Conduit Cosmopolitan. Classic panda color that I like very much. Let's take a look at this classic fake watch with the watch.

In the episode of the birth of Daytona, replica Rolex Daytona was born in 1963. When replica Rolex assembled the Daytona replica watches, it coincided with the opening of the American Daytona racing event. Rolex fake sent the fake watch to the competition as a competition. The timing instrument was designated and finally selected, which is also the naming source for the Daytona series.

Then let's talk about one of the most controversial things. That is, AR cancels the minute hand and hour hand of the timing. In short, the movement of this fake watch can be said to be different from the original one except that the two small dials are changed to the decorative function. The big second hand can still move after the time is turned on. Then you said that he is deadly? I don't know how to explain the answer. Let's look at the individual. I think if you want to get the best Ditonga in the true sense, then AR can completely capture your heart. As for the timing function problem, as long as rolex replica you don't open him, What will affect, even if others have timed, the big second hand is gone, then what is said to be joking, what is the pit, I just think that the customer circle is different. In the case of ensuring the same appearance and size, the AR factory sacrifices the chronograph dial minute hand and hour hand timing function. It is right or wrong, and the correct judgment is made in the own market, but in terms of appearance, craftsmanship, quality and stability, AR's steel dior is an artifact, and the AR plant has also consolidated its position as a big-line manufacturer through this steel di.

The 40 mm diameter is matched with the 904L stainless steel case, and the entire case looks very refined. This fake watch features a contrasting black-and-white combination that looks great on the surface: a light-colored surface with a black design or a black surface with a light-colored design fake rolex. The tachometer (a scale that measures the average speed of an object over a specified distance using a chronograph second hand) moves from the surface to the periphery of the outer ring, providing more space for the surface and simplicity. This design is mainly for the convenience of the driver's hand.