Glashütte original essence series large calendar moon phase replica watch evaluation

When it comes to German replica watches, Lange and Glashütte are undoubtedly the best among them. Glashütte has always been the representative of the watchmaking replica watch in the replica watch industry. It inherits a rigorous and serious German spirit and is very attractive. Behind the minimalist layout, what follows is the golden ratio that has fascinated by countless artists. The slim bezel gives the dial a larger space and the asymmetrical design is more prominent. Today's replica watch is brought to you by the only large-month calendar moon replica watch on the market that uses the genuine model. Corrected the size of the shell replica rolex, the curvature and the drawing process, which made the overall texture of the big calendar perfect. Let's take a photo of Glashütte's big calendar.

The diameter of the replica watch is 40mm, which is suitable for the size worn by most people's replica watches. First of all, look at the dial intuitively. The dial color is not ordinary white, but a slightly faint beige. The calendar box at 4 o'clock is completely made according to the size of the original. Closer to the original. Combining elegant and delicate roasted blue steel needles replica horloges, the overall temperament is gentle and elegant. The moon phase display function is set at 10 o'clock.

The deep blue pear-shaped hands can be cleaned in front of the eyes through the sapphire glass. At different angles, the steel needles are in dark blue and black, giving a quiet and elegant atmosphere. The English characters of "Glashütte Original" are printed at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock respectively. The writing is smooth and beautiful, and both recognizable and ornamental.

Glashütte is a German premium mechanical replica watches uk brand, and its rigorous rigor is an absolute advantage in the highly competitive watchmaking industry. The GF factory also inherits Glashütte's original replica watch style, 1:1 mold making, and corrects many details, which finally makes this big calendar appear in front of the watcher in perfect posture. Each Glashütte fake watch is a unique piece of art that highlights the noble taste of the wearer.