Investment and Securities

The Firm has advised clients on banking credit, wherein at various times, advice has been offered to parties from opposing ends either as applicant or grantor of credit. In the process, we have prepared necessary documentation such as: Syndicated Loan Agreements, Credit transaction Agreements, Term Loan Agreements, etc, in addition to perusing and advising our clients on terms and conditions of credit advanced to them by financial institutions.

As part of our services we advise our clients on secured credit transactions: in this respect, we prepare the requisite documentation, conduct searches on title and perfect property transactions.

The Firm has represented financial institutions and private investors in various property transactions such as: the formation and structuring of Real Estate Investment Trusts; Construction and development of Real Property; Financing and Acquisition of property, wherein we advised on Mortgage transactions and Leases.

We recently advised 2 top insurance companies in Nigeria on in a scheme of merger. We are advising a Nigerian company on its acquisition of the substantial stock of an Oil Company

The Firm recently advised and conducted Due Diligence on the extension of a Senior Pre-Export Crude Oil Financing Facility to a Nigerian company.

The Firm is presently advising a client on its proposed conversion to a Merchant Bank in Nigeria.